The Material 材料
Malaysia Nyatoh
Solid Wood Material
Malaysia’s Nyatoh wood has a spicy scent that can prevent the breeding of termites and it does not require any chemical treatment. In addition, the wood and fiber are relatively strong and durable.
马来西亚的椿茶木(Nyatoh wood)有一种辛辣的香味,可以预防白蚁的繁殖,而且不需要任何化学处理。此外,木材和纤维相对较强和耐用。
Who We Are 关于我们
Quality Furniture 品质家具
GAMA MARKETING SDN. BHD., headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, stands as a prominent purveyor of fine furniture crafted from premium materials. Specializing in the sale of Nyatoh wood furniture and solid wood pieces, our company delivers quality, elegance, and durability to our customers. With a commitment to excellence ingrained in our ethos, we strive to offer a diverse range of furniture options that blend timeless design with superior craftsmanship.
GAMA MARKETING SDN. BHD.,总部位于马来西亚槟城,是一家以优质材料精心制作的精美家具为主的知名供应商。专注于销售椿茶木家具和实木家具,我们的公司为客户提供品质、优雅和耐用性。秉持卓越的承诺融入我们的理念,我们努力提供各种多样的家具选择,将永恒的设计与卓越的工艺相融合。
Category 分类
Signature Styles Furnishings 经典家具
High Quality 高质量
From the materials to finishing touch, we prioritize quality at every step.
Polyurethane Furnish
We utilize PU finishing to retain the furniture luster for years.
Healthy 健康
We prioritize using materials that are safe and non-toxic.
PEFC Certified 森林认证
We dedicate sourcing materials from sustainably managed forests.
Durable 耐用
Our pieces are durable to withstand the test of time.

Our Awards 奖项
Excellence Recognized
We are happy to announce that we have been certified by ISO 9001:2015.
我们很高兴的宣布,我们已获得ISO 9001:2015认证。